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Absence Reporting System (ARS)
Regular Rutgers staff may view their own current fiscal year absences. Authorized department administrators can track employee absences daily and submit Absence Record Cards to University Human Resources (UHR) at the end of each fiscal year. For more information regarding this application, refer to the User Guide.
Address Record Update
Faculty and staff can update their home address, work and home telephone numbers, emergency contact information, and email address at this site.
Agreement for Accessing University Information
Faculty and staff agreement that university information may be shared only with other employees or others who have a need to know this information in order to perform their duties on behalf of the University.
Applicant Tracking System
An easy-to-use, on-line classification and recruitment system which allows you to submit the required forms and obtain all the necessary approvals electronically, even from the budget office, for new, vacant or encumbered positions.
Step by step instructions on how authorized users may view reports on the CA-VIEW subsystem found on TSO.
Catalog Navigator
Catalog Navigator is an online catalog content management system used by University Relations Creative Services.
Class Rosters/Grade Submission
Authorized persons can view, download and administer their class rosters. They can also submit warnings and final grades.
Course Schedule Notes - Administration
Course Schedule Notes application allows the members of University Scheduling Office to add notes which would appear on Online Schedule of Classes and in the printed Schedule of classes.
Course Scheduling System
This application is used by departments to schedule courses for future semesters.
Course Synopsis System
Authorized users may enter/maintain the URL address of specific course synopsis pages. The URL address entered by the authorized user will provide a link for students from the Schedule of Classes web page to the departmental synopsis page.
Data Dictionaries
Users may search at this site for the values and detailed descriptions of data dictionary elements using keywords or other selection criteria. Available dictionaries: SRDB, Scheduling, Course History, CARS, SHOTS, Admissions, Financial Aid.
Degree Audit Tool - Rutgers Degree Navigator
Authorized users may access the Rutgers undergraduate degree audit and advising tool.
Degree Navigator Editor
Provides authorized staff the ability to maintain degree requirements necessary for the Degree Audit system to reflect academic progress to students and student advisors
Discoverer Plus
Discoverer Plus is a data query tool that allows for a flexible access to data contained in our systems. Discoverer Plus allows you to analyze and manipulate data from large existing databases and produce reports. It enables users to create, query, graph, and export reports and data. For User Guides and other helpful documentation, click here.
Discoverer Viewer
Discoverer Viewer is a data query tool that allows for a flexible access to data contained in our systems. It enables users to run, view, graph, and export data from pre-existing reports created by users of Discoverer Plus. Users can interact with their data by changing layouts, sorts, and specifying parameters. For User Guides and other helpful documentation, click here.
Faculty Survey
The primary instrument for collecting scholarly, creative, research, and service activities of f/t faculty. It is a paperless data collection environment with continuous, secure, and easy access to your personal database. Data from a CV can be pasted directly into the input screens, and once entered; you can create customizable outputs, such as a CV, personal web page, or academic reappointment or promotion report.
First Year Sectioning System
Authorized users may enter/maintain course sections for newly admitted first term students.
Graduate Admissions Applicant - Administration
Administrative staff can use this site to maintain Program information that appears on the web and administer applications submitted on the web.
myRutgers Portal
myRutgers is the personal, customizable, web-based informational portal to Rutgers University and is available to all Rutgers students, faculty and staff.
NetID Lookup
Most OIT applications are now using the Rutgers NetID for authentication. Using the NetID Query application, faculty and staff can lookup their NetID. If one does not exist, a link to the web page where one can be created is provided.
Oracle Password Change
The Oracle Password Change utility is no longer available. To request an Oracle password change, please email the Database Administration (DBA) group at dba@ess.rutgers.edu.
Parking and Transportation (New Brunswick)
Faculty and staff can access New Brunswick transportation services, including citation payment and F/S permits.
People Database - Authorized Administrative (privilege) View
Authorized administrators may view person information on the Rutgers People Database.
People Database - Authorized Deans View
Authorized administrators may view student demographic, address, course and emergency contact information.
People Database - Authorized Guest Account Creation
Authorized administrators may add/update a person for Guest Account creation on the Rutgers People Database.
Personal Information Update
Faculty and staff can update their emergency text message phone number, personal and employee email addresses, personal URL and preferred name at this site. Employee email address, personal URL and preferred name are displayed on the Rutgers Online Directory.
RIAS Procure to Pay
Authorized individuals are able to requisition goods and services directly from their desktops and monitor status. The requisitions are electronically routed through a streamlined departmental approval process directly to University Procurement & Contracting, or in the case of preferred suppliers, directly to the vendor. For information regarding application requirements, refer to the RIAS-Desktop-Requirements.
Rutgers Online Directory
Locate a Student, Faculty, or Staff member at Rutgers.
Student Accounting Statement of Accounts - Administration
Authorized Administrators may view a student's Statement of Account.
Student Accounting Transaction Updates - Administration
Authorized Administrators may maintain student transaction and accounting information from this site.
Student/Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
Authorized administrators in New Brunswick, Camden, and Newark may produce Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) forms and update student and/or exchange visitor information to send to the INS to track international students, scholars and their dependents who hold F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 nonimmigrant status.
Student Financial Hold Information - Administration
Authorized Administrators may view a student's financial hold information.
Student Grades & Transcripts - Administration
Authorized Administrators may view actively registered students' grades and/or full transcripts at this site.
Transcript/Enrollment Certification Requests
Authorized users can request an official transcript, a verification of enrollment, or a recent term grade report for currently enrolled students, alumni or former students.
Undergraduate Admissions Applicant - Administration
Applications for undergraduate admission received via the web or on paper can be administered from this site. To update College Closing, Instructions, College, Advisories and cycle dates, click here.. To review student status, click here..
University Calendar of Events
The online RU Events system is the central location for information about events of interest to the Rutgers community.
University Units Search
Locate colleges, schools, departments, units at Rutgers. List faculty and staff associated with these colleges, schools, departments and units using a valid netid.
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