RIAS Maintenance Windows Policy


The Office of Information Technology, Enterprise Systems and Service (ESS) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Data Center and the internal network, the servers, the application software and databases that support the Rutgers Integrated Administration System (RIAS). This responsibility includes monitoring, upgrading and resolving problems that arise on the Data Center Network and Servers, and RIAS application and database issues after escalation to Tier III.


The total infrastructure to provide RIAS services to the university is comprised of servers, network and software. All of these components periodically need maintenance and servicing. Proper management of this infrastructure to maximize availability requires periods of scheduled time to address maintenance and upgrades without the requirement of notification of all university users. This policy will detail the service level for the RIAS system as a whole.


A disruption consists of any event or condition that negatively impacts either performance or service to our customers during a period of availability. Disruptions are classified as one of the following types:


All work performed on the RIAS infrastructure is a form of maintenance. Such work may or may not result in a disruption of service depending on the scope of the activity.


All disruptions and maintenance activities are communicated to the university community through the RIAS and FDW Listserv. Announcements attempt to clearly indicate the nature of the event, the time and date of the start of the activity, and the target time and date for the application to return to normal availability.

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