RIAS Data Synchronization Policy


The Office of Information Technology, Enterprise Systems and Service (ESS) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Data Center and the internal network, the servers, the application software and databases that support the Rutgers Integrated Administration System (RIAS). This responsibility includes monitoring, upgrading and resolving problems that arise on the Data Center Network and Servers, and RIAS application and database issues after escalation to Tier III.


Although the RIAS environment will be accessible during non-working hours, the application will still need to have a cut-off time to ensure that transactions created in RIAS prior to this time will have sufficient time to be posted to the University's Financial Data Warehouse in the nightly update cycles. The purpose of the policy is to identify the cut-off time and explain the ramifications of the cut-off time.


The RIAS system is normally available from 07:00 Monday morning through 19:00 Saturday evening. During this period users will be able to utilize all functionality of the RIAS system. At all other times the RIAS system may appear available for use but users are cautioned that availability should not be automatically assumed.

Data Synchronization

During the Monday through Friday workweek the RIAS application will establish a transaction break period at 1900 hours. This cut-off time marks the beginning of processing cycles which create the journal actuals, budget adjustments, and requisition/purchasing commitments which are then posted to the University General Ledger (GL) module. Any new transactions created and submitted since the last update cycle will be processed and reflected in the GL module and subsequently transferred to the data warehouse (barring any errors). Please note that it is possible for some transactions created after the 1900 cutoff to be included in that night's processing. However, only those successfully created prior to 1900 should be considered likely to be reflected in the data warehouse the next day.

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