RIAS Availability Policy


The Office of Information Technology, Enterprise Systems and Service (ESS) is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Data Center and the internal network, the servers, the application software and databases that support the Rutgers Integrated Administration System (RIAS). This responsibility includes monitoring, upgrading and resolving problems that arise on the Data Center Network and Servers, and RIAS application and database issues after escalation to Tier III.


The total infrastructure to provide RIAS services to the university is comprised of servers, network and software. All of these components periodically need maintenance and servicing. Proper management of this infrastructure to maximize availability requires periods of scheduled time to address maintenance and upgrades without the requirement of notification of all university users. This policy will detail the service level for the RIAS system as a whole.


The RIAS system is normally available from 07:00 Monday morning through 19:00 Saturday evening. During this period users will be able to utilize all functionality of the RIAS system. At all other times the RIAS system may appear available for use but users are cautioned that availability should not be automatically assumed.


Components of the RIAS system are supported during normal University business hours. Support is provided by the local University Computing Specialist (UCS) and a number of organizations within OIT. End users experiencing problems should first contact their local UCS staff to see if the problem is due to a local issue. If the problem is not local the end user should contact the appropriate Computing Help Desk (New Brunswick, Camden, or Newark) to see if the problem is within the scope of the helpdesk (e.g. NetId password change). If the problem is beyond the scope of the computing helpdesk the end user should contact the appropriate business area helpdesk for assistance (Purchasing New Brunswick, Purchasing Camden, Purchasing Newark, or University Accounting).

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